New Film: Paying Attention

Hi Everyone! It’s with great joy–the deepest joy, which can only come from the dark places–that Elvie-dog and I share with you a new film: Paying Attention. Shot on occupied Twana, Skokomish territory, this was a meditation on how ecosystems and our more-than-human companions hold and support us. Shot entirely on iPhone and edited in iMovie, Paying Attention follows Elvie and myself through life, grief, and back again, through the loss of elder-dog Pablo. Elvie uses her adaptable doggie being to tell all 3 characters’ interwoven stories.

Elvie is truly famous now, and does all her own stunts!

Experimental (aka downright weird) and poignant, Paying Attention recently appeared in the Fireweed Film Festival, and won an award! I loved the support from Marit, Bex, and everyone at Fireweed– a community-led and community-enriching film fest at Graycoast Guildhall. It’s really easy to feel jaded and abraded by publishers, but Fireweed’s gritty acceptance, and wild desire to boost creators made our films rise– as the fireweed stood tall in ditches this July!

“Never done this before? Great!” is my new favorite thing to hear from folks soliciting art!

We also got support from smoocher extraordinaire and super profesh union (IATSE local 488– altho this was not a union show duh) filmmaker Tianse. To do a project with a partner where he never interfered with my process– even when offering feedback–, joyfully followed suit with my requests, answered questions only when I got stuck, and just patiently hung out while I edited for 1.5 days straight, was a true dream (BOYS the bar is SO LOW. You, too, can do this, surely!) Tianse and I have worked on 2 other films together to date, mostly with him taking the lead, so it’s extra wonderful to have a fluid working dynamic with a partner.

Anyhow, grab yourself a Milk Bone, consensually snuggle up with your favorite human or more-than-human kin, and watch here:

Cheers. And if you see a dog helping themselves to a lil romp or a snack, mind your own– it’s a blessing.

Published by Fern Moongaze

Wild enby traipsing the forest, awakening stilted hearts, beckoning the homebound to adventure, and igniting wild magic. And Dogs.

2 thoughts on “New Film: Paying Attention

  1. Hi Fern, Very touching and beautiful patterned with your narration. Thanks for sharing your movie with me, Hugs (with your permission), Lisa


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