Plant Magic Spell Wheel

I share with you spell-wheel: a circular, visual kinesthetic Spellcraft tool, where you can record and channel your connections with this magical world into spells. 

All human and more-than-human kin is afoot with magical energy. The world is talking to us all the time, sometimes through silence, too. As we go listening through life, we can pause and record some of the messages, correspondences, and energies we intuit. This tool is in part a space to record your relationship with plants, crafty spell containers, and ecological spheres and threads. It also aids us in aligning these elements. Then, we can draw them in.

Maybe you see a spot in this existence, this time-life-web, that needs a spell: some mending, purge, or even some magnificent magnification. This wheel invites you to sit down, meditate on the issue at hand– and what you want to come into the world. Then, when you’re ready, turn the wheels until these drops of magic align. 

Published by Fern Moongaze

Wild enby traipsing the forest, awakening stilted hearts, beckoning the homebound to adventure, and igniting wild magic. And Dogs.

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