In-Program Zine! Tree of Many Fruits

Presenting! Tree of Many Fruits, vol 1. Collected works gleaned from the Fall 2022 Evergreen program, led by Miranda Mellis: Writing as Experimental and Ecological Practice. Tree of Many Fruits is anti-copyright, and free for download. If you would like a version that can be printed and assembled into a zine, follow this link toContinue reading “In-Program Zine! Tree of Many Fruits”

New Film: Paying Attention

Hi Everyone! It’s with great joy–the deepest joy, which can only come from the dark places–that Elvie-dog and I share with you a new film: Paying Attention. Shot on occupied Twana, Skokomish territory, this was a meditation on how ecosystems and our more-than-human companions hold and support us. Shot entirely on iPhone and edited inContinue reading “New Film: Paying Attention”

Pre-Pandemic Pleasures: Riding a Bike to Therapy

This poem was written deep in Pandemic winter, in response to a simple prompt: to remember a pre-pandemic pleasure: The joy of riding a bike, to a cozy office with a trusted storykeeper. This piece was in Jackson Hole Poetry Box, February, 2021. As we slowly emerge from pandemic, it’s beautiful to consider the layersContinue reading “Pre-Pandemic Pleasures: Riding a Bike to Therapy”

Plant Magic Spell Wheel

I share with you spell-wheel: a circular, visual kinesthetic Spellcraft tool, where you can record and channel your connections with this magical world into spells.  All human and more-than-human kin is afoot with magical energy. The world is talking to us all the time, sometimes through silence, too. As we go listening through life, weContinue reading “Plant Magic Spell Wheel”

Bring Back All the Dead Writers

Content warnings: suicide, addiction, drug use, institutionalization, police arrest trauma, sexual assault, child abuse and alcoholic caretaker mention I need rest. Moving rest, sitting down to read rest, feeling rest, playing rest, listening rest. In some ways, I think everything I do is rest from something else I’m doing. I had been on an R.E.M.Continue reading “Bring Back All the Dead Writers”

Ancestral Connection Practices: Sambuccus and beyond

Both in the magical and non-magical communities, intergenerational and ancestor healing is resurfacing. The “okay boomer” conversation that happened this Fall ignited feelings of frustration, anger, and reintegration across generational lines. Now we are being hit with a global catastrophe where our elderly are at a higher risk of crossing over, and we are reachingContinue reading “Ancestral Connection Practices: Sambuccus and beyond”